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Best Tens unit for neck pain

Best TENS Unit for neck pain

Neck pain is a very common condition, alongside lower back pain, knee pain and so on. It occurs around the area involving the cervical part of the spine and the muscles attached to it. From the simple ache and discomfort that appear after a not

Best TENS unit for lower back pain

Best TENS Unit for Lower Back Pain: 2019 Buyers’ Guide!

At some point in our lives, nearly all of us experience the sometimes plainly annoying, sometimes almost unbearable, lower back pain. It doesn’t really depend on age or gender, it could happen thanks to endless reasons. Either way, solutions of all sorts have been tried

How to choose a TENS unit

How to choose a TENS unit: 6 things to consider!

Over the last few years, TENS units have become very popular as a pain management therapy.  Many TENS units are available over the counter (OTC), but for people who are new to TENS therapy or those who have never tried TENS before, choosing a TENS